What is life like in South Africa right now?

Last modified: May 8, 2021
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Despite what you may be reading in media or hearing from politicians, day-to-day life in South Africa has adjusted to a new normal, where protocols are strictly adhered to, whether you’re visiting the grocery store or having a meal at a restaurant.

South Africa has instituted strict health and hygiene protocols for hospitality establishments, which include social distancing, limited gathering size, curfew from midnight to 4am, hand sanitising, obligatory mask wearing, recording of patrons for track and tracing purposes, including temperature checks and contact detail recording. Residents and visitors may frequent conferences, go out for a meal with friends and family, travel across the country with ease to the extent where it feels very safe and normal for us to travel.

As a result domestic tourism is alive and well with South Africans, as well as a few international visitors who have not been off by the fearmongering they read, enjoying the diverse and excellent tourism experiences the country has to offer.

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